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David Cohen  
David B. Cohen, M.S.


Brian Pirko

Vice President


DCI Announces Strategic Partnership with Savina Consulting

September 8, 2015 – Washington, DC

DCI Consulting Group, a leading HR risk management firm, announces a strategic partnership with Savina Consulting, an expert litigation support firm, to provide seamless EEO litigation support and expert witness services to current and new clients.

See the full Press Release here.

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We have written several blogs (e.g., regarding the recent Apsley v. Boeing case) discussing the influence of sample size on the likelihood of observing statistically significant indicators in adverse impact analyses. As covered in those blogs, the larger the samples being analyzed, the higher the likelihood of observing statistically significant indicators of protected class subgroup differences, regardless of how different the pass rates are in practical terms. However, even in cases of small sample sizes, the differences between protected class subgroups may be statistically significant, and it is equally important (as it is with large samples) to evaluate the practical significance of the difference. In the following paragraphs, we discuss interpreting analysis results based on small

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