DCI has been led by its founding partners since 2001.  They are involved in every aspect of the business on a daily basis.  DCI’s leaders strive to create a client-focused environment by building the best consulting staff, providing them with extensive training, and utilizing the latest technology in the industry.

David Cohen  
David B. Cohen, M.S.


Brian Pirko

Vice President


DCI Prepares Pay Equity Study for the City of Seattle

DCI was commissioned by the City of Seattle to provide a Workforce Pay Equity and Utilization study. On May 11, 2015, DCI’s President, David Cohen, presented the findings of the study at a City of Seattle Council Briefing.

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Tips and Reminders for VETS-4212 Reporting

The 2015 filing period for EEOC and VETS reporting has now begun and contractors will have until September 30 to complete the annual filing requirements. As you may recall, VETS has implemented the newly revised VETS-4212 report, which has taken the place of the VETS-100A report beginning with the 2015 filing. With the annual filing period underway, contractors are looking for answers to some last-minute questions. DCI has prepared a few quick reminders and recommendations in response to some of the most common questions received on the new form.

  • Unlike the VETS-100A report, which required reporting on individual protected veteran categories, VETS-4212 only requires aggregate-level reporting on protected veterans hires and employment. Under VETS-100A reporting,

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