DCI Provides Objectivity

DCI Provides Objectivity

Importantly, DCI Consulting Group is not a test vendor. In other words, DCI doesn’t sell any off- the- shelf tests. In recent years EEO agencies have been skeptical of vendors validating their own tools that they are necessarily motivated to sell. DCI does not have to worry about this potential conflict of interest. For this reason, DCI offers truly objective expertise in the evaluation and research of selection procedures. That is to say, DCI is obligated to conduct scientifically and professional sound research without initially leaning toward a particular conclusion. If a selection procedure is not supportable or vendor research does not meet the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines, DCI staff will share this information with clients. If a selection procedure is supportable and research meets the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines, DCI staff will highlight this result and explain why this is the case to clients and enforcement agencies.


Really, I Come Here for the Food: Sex as a BFOQ for Restaurant Servers

Michael Aamodt, Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group, wrote an article featured in SIOP’s TIP publication, January 2017.

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OFCCP Begins Mailing Scheduling Letters

DCI has just learned that OFCCP began to send out audit scheduling letters on March 17th.  At this time we are not certain how many were sent out, but we do know that 800 CSALs (Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters) were sent to contractor establishments last month.  It is critical that corporate compliance representatives notify individual establishments in their organization to be on the look-out for any official OFCCP correspondence.  If you did receive a scheduling notice, please notify DCI immediately so that we can assist you with the audit process.

To read the audit distribution notice, please click here.

By Rosemary Cox, Senior Consultant at DCI Consulting Group

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