Consulting Services

Diversity Metrics

DCI offers a variety of services related to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) analyses. These analyses assess the full spectrum of employment actions and strategies across the complete employee life cycle for potential disparities. DCI’s workforce metrics include:

  • Diversity benchmarks
    • Linking diversity metrics to business metrics
    • Persons of Color and Women representation
    • Applicant flow diversity assessment
  • Glass Ceiling analysis
  • Disability metrics
  • Recruitment analysis
  • Other customizable diversity reports

A diversity initiative helps determine whether organizational policies, procedures and practices create barriers to members of certain protected groups e.g., women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, etc. Once these barriers are found, D&I action plans can be developed to remove such barriers. If you have any questions about our services related to Diversity and Inclusion, please contact Keli Wilson at


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Michael Aamodt, Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group, wrote an article featured in SIOP’s TIP publication, January 2017.