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It is essential that employers understand the regulatory environment impacting their affirmative action and EEO programs. Strategically located in Washington, DC, DCI’s seasoned consultants provide clients with a unique “inside the beltway” perspective on the latest regulatory developments and agency policy interpretations and practices. DCI consultants have extensive backgrounds working with federal agencies on behalf of employers on affirmative action and EEO matters. In addition to DCI’s complimentary in-depth regulatory updates on the OFCCP, DCI consultants also provide advanced regulatory updates custom tailored for a variety of management levels, including high level executive briefings. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Pirko at


Really, I Come Here for the Food: Sex as a BFOQ for Restaurant Servers

Michael Aamodt, Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group, wrote an article featured in SIOP’s TIP publication, January 2017.

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Today, April 4, 2017, people across the United States will observe a national day to bring awareness around the gender pay gap. This date symbolizes how far into 2017 women must work to earn what men made in 2016, based on national pay averages.

On Equal Pay Day in 2014, President Obama signed an executive order to strengthen pay transparency for federal contractors.

In observance of Equal Pay Day, it is important to be mindful by evaluating compensation systems in organizations.  Conducting a proactive pay equity study to ensure disparities by both sex and race are due to legitimate factors is imperative for organizations.  Also, exploring proactive analytics such as a Shareholder Wage

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