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The OFCCP Institute

The OFCCP Institute provides training and education to assist federal contractors in understanding and complying with their OFCCP-enforced non-discrimination and affirmative action obligations, as well as developing and maintaining compliant and effective workplace policies and practices.

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DCI Prepares Pay Equity Study for the City of Seattle

DCI was commissioned by the City of Seattle to provide a Workforce Pay Equity and Utilization study. On May 11, 2015, DCI’s President, David Cohen, presented the findings of the study at a City of Seattle Council Briefing.

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OFCCP Alleges Discrimination and Harassment in New ALJ Complaint

OFCCP recently revealed a new lawsuit in this press release. It is important to note that this case has not been decided, but a complaint has been filed with the Office of Administrative Law Judges (ALJ). The allegations set forth are serious, if founded, and include allegations of harassment, assault, and abuse of Hispanic employees. OFCCP also alleges disparity in pay and hours against other protected groups. However, some of the allegations in the press release are troubling from a regulatory enforcement perspective.

First, the press release states that the contractor discriminated against “non-Hispanic” applicants. This is an interesting point given the next logical question of whether or not “non-Hispanic” can be considered a protected group

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