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The OFCCP Institute

The OFCCP Institute provides training and education to assist federal contractors in understanding and complying with their OFCCP-enforced non-discrimination and affirmative action obligations, as well as developing and maintaining compliant and effective workplace policies and practices.

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DCI Announces Strategic Partnership with Savina Consulting

September 8, 2015 – Washington, DC

DCI Consulting Group, a leading HR risk management firm, announces a strategic partnership with Savina Consulting, an expert litigation support firm, to provide seamless EEO litigation support and expert witness services to current and new clients.

See the full Press Release here.

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BMW Agrees to 1.6 Million Dollar Settlement with EEOC On Its Criminal Background Check Policy

The consent decree was approved on 9/8/15 by Judge Henry M. Herlong of the District of South Carolina and may be viewed here.

A summary of the decree was also issued by the EEOC that may be viewed here.

Briefly, after BMW switched to a new logistics contractor in Spartanburg, S.C., the new contractor performed criminal background checks on all existing logistics employees and changed the criteria previously used by BMW.  BMW previously focused on certain crime categories and had an automatic exclusion policy in those areas.  After the new contractor took over, 100 incumbent employees (80% of total incumbents) were let go regardless of whether convictions were for felonies

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