The DCI Difference

The DCI Difference

Location Matters

DCI Consulting Group’s strategic location, blocks from the Department of Labor (DOL), allows timely access to federal compliance changes, updates, and strategies. Whether through in-person meetings with DOL senior staff, involvement with congressional hearings, participation in EEO agency meetings, or conversations with key compliance stakeholders, we ensure that clients have a voice “inside the beltway.” DCI’s consulting team stays on top of industry news and ahead of regulatory updates to provide seamless, comprehensive compliance services. That is the DCI Difference.

DCI Qualifications

DCI is staffed exclusively by experienced Master’s- and Ph.D.-level professionals providing daily EEO compliance and risk management consulting. DCI’s staff of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists have unique insight on the nature of workplace processes and outcomes such as affirmative action, compensation, employee selection, training and development, and diversity and inclusion. Our analytical and quantitative training allow us to effectively answer complex workforce questions and develop strategies to ensure Federal EEO compliance. That is the DCI difference.

DCI Experience

DCI consultants have extensive experience in employee recruitment and selection, test validation, AAP development and implementation, diversity and inclusion metrics, compensation equity analyses, and audit and litigation support across a wide range of industries. Our Fortune 500 clients span all OFCCP geographic regions, representing the defense, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, healthcare and high technology industries. That is the DCI difference.

The DCI Difference

DCI’s staff is dedicated to producing world-class, comprehensive, customer-driven EEO solutions with particular focus on quantitative analytics. DCI provides customized consulting services through the entire employment life span. Whether you aspire to establish employee selection criteria or develop OFCCP audit strategy, our knowledge and resources empower you to achieve and exceed your individualized EEO goals. That is the DCI difference.

What is the
DCI Difference?

What might you get from a typical AAP provider?

  • Workforce analysis
  • Job Group analysis
  • Utilization analysis
  • Goals report
  • Adverse Impact Analyses

What you will get from DCI:

  • Initial Consultation
      1. Understand client HR system & data
      2. Offer EEO best practices
      3. Plan strategically to help client reach goals
  • Interactive AAP Development Process
      1. Evaluate & discuss Job Group structure, Recruitment Areas, Internet Applicant compliance, and Disposition Codes
  • Interpretation & Implementation
      1. Thoroughly interpret AAP results
      2. Include Executive Summary
      3. Advise on focus of resources
      4. Assist with creating action-oriented programs
      5. Provide OFCCP audit and litigation support


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Michael Aamodt, Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group, wrote an article featured in SIOP’s TIP publication, January 2017.

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OFCCP Begins Mailing Scheduling Letters

DCI has just learned that OFCCP began to send out audit scheduling letters on March 17th.  At this time we are not certain how many were sent out, but we do know that 800 CSALs (Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters) were sent to contractor establishments last month.  It is critical that corporate compliance representatives notify individual establishments in their organization to be on the look-out for any official OFCCP correspondence.  If you did receive a scheduling notice, please notify DCI immediately so that we can assist you with the audit process.

To read the audit distribution notice, please click here.

By Rosemary Cox, Senior Consultant at DCI Consulting Group

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