Year: 2006

OMB Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog organization located in Washington, DC, recently announced its creation of a new website that permits users to search a…  Read more
As reviewed in detail here last week, OFCCP recently published new FAQs to provide additional guidance regarding the Internet Applicant final rule that became effective…  Read more
Hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to read through OFCCP’s 12 recently released FAQs on the Internet Applicant rule.   While most of…  Read more
David Cohen, President, DCI Consulting Group, Inc., offers another unique “inside the Beltway” perspective on important OFCCP developments:National Office to Vet Systemic Compensation Investigations Post…  Read more
OFCCP has announced that beginning November 27, 2006, regional offices may schedule compliance evaluations of non-construction Federal contractors from a new scheduling list comprised of…  Read more
Michigan voters have approved by a wide margin a controversial ballot initiative to outlaw racial, gender and ethnicity preferences in public college admissions, government hiring…  Read more
Age Discrimination Allstate Insurance Company: Judge E. Richard Webber of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri in St. Louis ruled October…  Read more
On October 5, an Illinois federal judge approved a $5 million preliminary consent decree to resolve two consolidated class action employment discrimination lawsuits against the…  Read more