Month: September 2014

Statistical Analysis Part II: Personnel Activity Analyses DCI is hosting the next installment in its Webinar Wednesday series tomorrow, October 1st, at 2:00pm EST. An overview…  Read more
A settlement amount of $1.5 million accompanying the conciliation agreement between OFCCP and Westat, Inc. certainly should have captured the attention of the federal contractor…  Read more
The third blog in our steering series highlights a recent OFCCP settlement related to steering at Central Parking Systems of Louisiana, Inc.  On September 4,…  Read more
On September 5, 2014, Judge D.J. O’Toole of the District Court of Massachusetts delivered the latest ruling on alternatives to reduce adverse impact after a…  Read more
In 2011, the OFCCP proposed major changes to the current scheduling letter and itemized listing.  After 3 years, the OFCCP has received approval from OMB…  Read more
On September 12th, a General Electric subsidiary in Ohio agreed to pay $537,000 to settle a sex discrimination allegation with OFCCP. The agency alleged that…  Read more
The Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service proposed changes to the VETS-100 report were approved and will be published on the Federal Register…  Read more
Statistical Analysis Part I: Utilization DCI is hosting the next installment in its Webinar Wednesday series today, September 24th at 2:00pm EST. This webinar is the…  Read more