Month: May 2015

The 30th Annual Conference for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) was held April 22-25, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. This conference brings together…  Read more
After release of the new VETS-4212 report requirements, federal contractors were instructed through OFCCP FAQs that they were not required to request individual protected veteran…  Read more
On a news release dated April 30, 2015, OFCCP announced that Comcast Corporation’s Everett, WA location entered into a conciliation agreement to resolve allegations of…  Read more
There appears to still be confusion around what contractors are required to do with the VEVRAA annual hiring benchmark. Specifically, what should a contractor compare…  Read more
The ruling was handed down on 4/29/15 [2015 U.S. Lexis 2984].  I previously reported on the oral arguments in this case in an Alert dated…  Read more
Ordinarily, a subordinate would be nuts to harass a supervisor, particularly if the supervisor has the authority to affect the subordinate’s terms and conditions of…  Read more
According to a recent BNA report, the New York City Council, controlled by the Democratic Party, voted 47 to 3 to make credit history checks…  Read more
This issue is beginning to give me some heartburn.  I’ve had dozens of inquiries this past year about the new “OFCCP’s New Regulation to Improve…  Read more