Month: February 2016

Since the release of OFCCP’s FY 2017 budget justification on February 8, 2016, the federal contractor community has been buzzing, as OFCCP’s requests shed light…  Read more
The settlement, announced on February 22, 2016, calls for, among other things, payment of $86,000 to 74 black applicants from the period between March 2007…  Read more
In our previous blog on the topic of statistical significance, we discussed how to interpret the meaning of “statistically significant.”  In this blog, we want…  Read more
The Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing, reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), set the framework for what data are required…  Read more
Given the high prevalence of data security breaches and identity theft today, organizational leadership should be making the protection of their consumers’ and their employees’…  Read more
In a recent alert, I summarized the results of Chavez v. Credit Nation Auto Sales, a Title VII case decided by the 11th Circuit on…  Read more
DCI reported on Friday the release of the EEOC’s revision to the Employer Information Report (EEO-1), which was officially published in the Federal Register today,…  Read more