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David Cohen, President of DCI Consulting Group, Inc., has announced the formation of a new national nonprofit employer association dedicated to promoting proactive affirmative action…  Read more
A federal appeals court in San Francisco upheld the certification of a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart, which alleged that as many as 1.5 million current…  Read more
One of EEOC Chair Naomi Earp’s top priorities this year will be launching the agency’s systemic litigation program. The comprehensive program was endorsed by the…  Read more
OMB Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog organization located in Washington, DC, recently announced its creation of a new website that permits users to search a…  Read more
On September 26, President Bush signed “The Federal Funding Accountability And Transparency Act of 2006” (S. 2590) into law. The law creates a searchable database…  Read more
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on August 11 (71 FR 46177-46180) to amend its regulations on the Age Discrimination…  Read more
President Bush announced on September 14 that he intends to nominate David Palmer, of Maryland, to be a Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,…  Read more
EEOC Meeting Scheduled for September 21 The EEOC has published a notice in the Federal Register announcing their next commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, September…  Read more