Diversity Gap Analysis & Monitoring

Get the picture. Close the gaps.

DCI experts use continuous monitoring to examine workforce representation in comparison to availability. This innovative technique allows us to look at particular groups when conducting a gap analysis, such as females, females of color, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and race or ethnicity subgroups. We can also conduct an analysis by job title or grade within an enterprise, sector, department, business unit, function, or division.


What does all this analysis mean for you? Our experts can help you identify concerning patterns within your organization, such as a glass ceiling effect or a potential bias in a specific department. We’ll make sure you understand the results and implications of the gap analysis. We’ll work with you to come up with strategic solutions and appropriate next steps, and we’ll assist you with continuous monitoring of your implementation plan.

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DCI Consulting is a risk management human resources consulting firm strategically located in Washington, D.C.

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