Review of State Pay Laws and What it Means for You

Date: July 12, 2017 ( EDT )

While efforts to pass a federal law (e.g., Paycheck Fairness Act) to strengthen the Equal Pay Act have been unsuccessful, California, New York, Maryland, as well as several other states have passed laws to target the wage gap and pay discrimination. As a result, organizations find themselves navigating a complex set of federal and state-level laws and regulations with different standards of enforcement as well as different risks. Employers who do business in these states will want to tune in as DCI’s Dave Sharrer and Kayo Sady discuss:

  • Which states have passed laws and how do each of them define pay discrimination?
  • What is (and is not) allowed as an affirmative defense to discrimination allegations?
  • How can employers proactively assess risk and ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations?

Please note: this complimentary webinar is reserved for DCI clients, federal contractors and law firms.

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